Our Stories

Supporting people to achieve progress

Individually tailored support, learning opportunities and clinical expertise come together to give people the skills and confidence they need to be who they want to be. Read our case studies to find out how this has enabled people we support to achieve their best.

Tim’s Story

With a history of failed placements and hospital admissions, finding Tim the right, consistent specialist support to meet his complex care needs was becoming increasingly difficult. On moving to Hesley Group his social worker was understandably anxious about whether this service would be successful or follow the more usual pattern of breaking

Sarah’s Story

Unfortunately, changes in a person’s mental health can lead to hospital stays and time away from family and community. Sarah suffered with periods of low mood and mania that ultimately led to a lengthy stay at an Assessment and Treatment

Tamsin’s Story

Tamsin’s low self-esteem and lack of confidence combined with significant physical problems often made her present as a very unhappy person at times, leading to self-injurious behaviours and aggression towards