Tim’s Story

Tim’s Story

With a history of failed placements and hospital admissions, finding Tim the right, consistent specialist support to meet his complex care needs was becoming increasingly difficult. On moving to Hesley Group his social worker was understandably anxious about whether this service would be successful or follow the more usual pattern of breaking down.

Initially, there were a large number of incidents involving behaviour that may challenge. Tim struggled to remain appropriately dressed and would often leave his flat. He caused high levels of damage to his home and presented daily challenges for the those supporting him.

Hesley Group’s interdisciplinary team set to work creating and updating Tim’s Functional Behavioural Assessment, a Positive Behaviour Support Plan and communications guidelines. Consistent support for Tim was developed to promote the trusting relationships he so clearly needed.

After the confines of hospital settings, Tim now enjoys all the increased freedoms and choices offered by community based services. He has his own living spaces and garden personalised to his likes, dislikes and needs. There has been a significant reduction in the number of incidents; so much so, that no PRN has been used in the last two years. Tim’s ability to communicate with others has progressed with him building up the number of words and phrases he regularly uses.

Tim’s life so now so much richer than it was. He accesses lots of different activities at home and in his wider community. He regularly enjoys going out and about to different places; he particularly loves the seaside and visiting the airport to watch planes!

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