Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Unfortunately, changes in a person’s mental health can lead to hospital stays and time away from family and community. Sarah suffered with periods of low mood and mania that ultimately led to a lengthy stay at an Assessment and Treatment Unit.

On discharge, Sarah needed a highly skilled, nurturing service that could support her back into community living. Once at Hesley Group, the interdisciplinary team reviewed all aspects of her care and support. With the support of our consultant psychiatrist, the whole team worked to develop the skills and relationships required to support Sarah the best way possible.

Sarah is now supported by a staff team that know how to support her day to day – the team are skilled at knowing the early signs of a decline in Sarah’s mental health and are able to act accordingly to help her with her manic and low episodes. She lives in her own flat, with decorations and belongings that she likes and enjoys and is a very social and active member of her local community. Relationships have blossomed and Sarah now has a life full of family and friends. Her parents and family are regular visitors to her home and new friendships with other young adults supported by Hesley Group have developed – Sarah often invites a friend round for tea! 

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