Starting a new placement should be an exciting and positive experience.

But before starting at a new school, college or home, we need to be as certain as possible that the service will be a good choice for a person and the best place for them to be. We want to fully understand their needs and wishes and ensure starting their new placement the exciting, positive experience it should be.

Finding Out More
Enquiries, formal or informal, from families and placing authorities that fund placements are always welcome. We ask the authorities to send relevant information, which we will review as part of the process of ensuring that our service is suitable. We get to know more about the person, their needs, strengths and aspirations and any risks that need to be supported. The assessment is undertaken by a senior lead of the service, often together with a specialist clinician. They will arrange to meet the person and as many people centrally involved in their lives as possible to find out more about them particularly focussing on what’s important to and for them.

Through our assessment, we want to try to understand the kind a life a person aspires to live and what support they require to help make this happen. If we think we can provide the right support and right environment for someone to thrive, the placing authority is informed and will itself usually inform the person and their family of the decision.

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    Getting ready

    Getting ready for the start of a person’s journey

    We will work with the person, their family/carers, other key parties and the placing authority to plan and manage the start of the placement in the best interests of the person.

    Everyone’s plan will be different, but some key elements will be:

    • A team of professionals that are informed, trained and prepared
    • All staff have a one-page profile in a format that that person understands
    • An identified key/support worker
    • The person’s choices and preferences at the heart of the plan

    Starting a placement can be an exciting, but it can also be anxiety raising. Again, everyone’s first day will be different, but some of the key elements will be:

    • Their key worker/designated person is there to greet them
    • Their first day is designed around them and what they will need
    • They won’t be overwhelmed by lots of new people (unless their needs dictate otherwise)

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    If you’re thinking of placing with us we’d love you to get in touch