Tamsin’s Story

Tamsin’s Story

Tamsin’s low self-esteem and lack of confidence combined with significant physical problems often made her present as a very unhappy person at times, leading to self-injurious behaviours and aggression towards others

On arrival at Hesley Group, the interdisciplinary team got to work to help Tamsin. A number of assessments were carried out to support her mobility, to develop communication guidelines and to produce an up to date Functional Behavioural Assessment and a Positive Behaviour Support plan. Tamsin’s staff team got to know her and how best to support her.

These days Tamsin is an active member of college and has learnt a multitude of skills including crafting, baking and cooking. She follows a slimming world diet, attends the slimming world meetings regularly and has developed her knowledge around healthy eating and losing weight. Tamsin has excelled in all areas of vocational and academic learning and continues to attend college regularly.  She still struggles with her mobility, but she no longer uses a wheelchair – she now walks with a rollator walker. Tamsin continues to work on improving her self-esteem and becoming more confident making real improvements; she has even taken a starring role in performances at Doncaster Dome with our Hesley Group choir! She so enjoys these performances, and is rightly very proud of standing on stage and performing in front of hundreds of people!

A sociable young woman, who has developed a number of close friendships and enjoys accessing a wide range of activities, Tamsin has developed into a very independent and capable young woman. She now feels ready to leave college and take the next step into adulthood and is currently being supported to prepare to transition to a new Hesley Group home in a smaller community service. Tamsin is now very optimistic about the future and moving on and is looking forward to hosting a dinner party for her friends when she moves in!

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