Moving In to The Limes

Moving to a new home should be an exciting and positive experience. But before moving in, we need to be as certain as possible that The Limes will be a good choice for a person and the best place for them to live. We want to fully understand their needs and wishes and ensure moving to their new home is the exciting, positive experience it should be.

Finding out more

Enquiries, formal or informal, from families and placing authorities that fund placements are always welcome. We ask the authorities to send relevant information, which we will review as part of the process of ensuring that The Limes is a suitable service. We get to know more about the person, their needs, strengths and aspirations and any risks that need to be supported. The assessment is undertaken by the Registered Manager of The Limes, often together with Mercury College staff and a specialist clinician. They will arrange to meet the person and as many people centrally involved in their lives as possible to find out more about them particularly focussing on what’s important to and for them.

Through our assessment, we want to try to understand the kind of life a person aspires to live and what support they require to make this happen. If we think we can provide the right support and right environment for someone to thrive, the placing authority is informed and will itself usually inform the person and their family of the decision.

Getting ready

Getting ready for the start of a person’s journey within The Limes is managed by a Team Manager who will work with the person, their family/carers, other key parties and the placing authority to plan and manage the move in the best interests of the person.

Everyone’s experience will be different, but all plans will have the following key elements:

  • a support team that are informed, trained and prepared
  • all staff have a one-page profile in a format that that person understands
  • an identified key worker
  • the person’s choices about their home (what is important to them environmentally)
  • agreement on the plan

Moving in day can be exciting, but also anxiety raising. Again, everyone’s first day and night will be different, but some of the key elements will be:

  • their key worker is there to greet them
  • their first night is designed around them and what they will need
  • they won’t be overwhelmed by lots of new people (unless their needs dictate otherwise)
  • they will have a ‘welcome to your new home’ card and welcome pack or hamper, individualised to their personal likes and preferences


Every person at The Limes has regular review meetings. The timing of these meetings may vary depending on the needs and preferences of each person e.g. if someone wants to meet more regularly then this will be facilitated. Areas such as daily living skills, health, relationships, strengths, aspirations and worries can be discussed. Key to these meetings is that the person is able to input their views and thoughts prior to any meeting; they also inform where and how often meetings take place. The people we support at The Limes must feel listened to, valued and that their views are taken on board. If something isn’t working, we change it and if something is going really well, we celebrate it; either way, the person is at the centre of all we do.

Keeping in contact

It is very important that people living at The Limes, staff, families, friends and all key professionals and other personal contacts build positive and mutually respectful relationships. Communication between people and their families and friends is encouraged with visits, contact by phone, mail, e-mail and video calls all supported.

Families and friends are always most welcome at The Limes and within the wider services of the Hesley Group. Visits home are also supported. The people we support are encouraged and supported to express their views about the running of The Limes. This is done through discussions, questionnaires and meetings with advocacy support available as required.