Activities at Meadow View

At Meadow View, we have created a safe environment where people can learn, develop lifelong skills and maximise their potential.

The residential living model employed at Meadow View supports each person to have a varied and fulfilling life. People are supported to express how they want to be supported and live their lives; they are encouraged and supported to make their own choices and decisions about their day. We monitor this to ensure that activities are balanced according to individual needs. Depending on these needs and the choices made, a broad range of activities can be accessed at Meadow View and in the local and wider communities which can include horticulture, art and crafts, eating out, visits to local and national attractions, trips to the coast, cinema, bowling, swimming, gym, dance, shopping, sensory club, cycling, woodwork, music, performing arts, voluntary work, access to local colleges, work placements, local walks, including through the local rambling club, and the local social club.

Meadow View also has its own facilities to host social events, to which friends and family can be invited. Shopping and cooking for themselves, with support as required, is part of living as independently as you can for people at Meadow View, as is cleaning and tidying their home.

Above all, we seek to provide the people we support with the best quality of life possible. Living ordinary lives full of opportunities to develop new skills, interests and friendships becoming full and valued members of their local community.

Many people come to live at Meadow View after long periods of being unsettled or from healthcare settings. As a first step, we seek to help people through this transition to achieve stability and thus provide a firm foundation for their future. We have many years’ experience of facilitating and supporting these transitions and achieving stability.

We recognise that people’s needs, wishes and abilities vary and we support people in individualised and flexible ways. Our aim is for everybody to have the best quality of life possible.

We place a strong emphasis on people living meaningful and active lives. We take full advantage of being part of our local community and the activities and opportunities this offers. The local Doncaster bus stops at Meadow View.