Fullerton House School is situated in the heart of the village of Denaby Main, near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. Its central location provides easy access by road, rail or air.

Fullerton overview imageThe school’s mission is to enhance the lives of the young people entrusted to its services by focusing on their specific needs, capabilities and aspirations.

We believe in taking full advantage of our community based location. All young people are offered regular opportunities to live and learn in the community to maximise their potential for integration and independence in adult life.

With over 25 years experience of specialist education and care provision at Fullerton House School, the staff pride themselves on offering a highly professional, 52-weeks-a-year service for up to 44 young people of both sexes.

The young people we support have complex needs including behaviour that may challenge and a learning disability, often in association with autism. Our speciality is 52 week placements where intensive care, education and clinical support is available to students throughout the year.

We seek to enable each individual to maximise his or her potential and achieve a progressively more independent quality of life. This is achieved through:

Child-centred focus
This encompasses education, care, communication, health, behaviour, recreational/vocational programmes, emotional well-being and citizenship. Young people are encouraged to participate in activities and empowered to make their own decisions, with support if required.

Individual Learning Plans
Everyone has a carefully designed Individual Learning Plan (ILP) based on their specific needs and aspirations.

A clinical specialist speech and language therapist works with each young person to help develop the best and most appropriate communication methods for them. Communication profiles are detailed and specific to enable staff to ensure each individual has adequate time to process information and make informed decisions.

By creating a safe, predictable and stimulating environment, we seek to give everyone the support they need to be as active members of their community as possible, with the aim of meaningful social inclusion.

Trust and relationships
Secure and familiar social networks are extremely important and these are developed and built upon from day one, creating trusting and valued relationships with not only the individual, but also their immediate and extended family and friends, and our staff team.

Professional services
A dedicated on-site team including support workers, teachers, educational tutors, assistant psychologists, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, behaviour therapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapists ensure that everyone has ready access to the services they require. Staff support people through each day on a flexible and individual basis, with waking staff always on duty at night.

Care and education
Residential care and education is provided for up to 44 young people, all of whom have a learning disability and complex needs, often associated with autism, including behaviour that may challenge the young person as well as those around them. The school operates on a 52-week residential basis with Summer school provision included. 

High-quality accommodation and facilities
The school has a range of different learning environments, classrooms and well equipped workshops to complement the wide variety of available activities and to create positive learning opportunities. Within the school’s grounds we have our own facilities including an ICT suite, sports hall, sensory room, arts and crafts workshop, outdoor playground, dining room and common room. We also have established excellent relationships with local sensory facilities, working farms, pet rescue centres, soft play centres, gyms and leisure centres. Our accommodation is based upon a residential model in small house groups. This enables young people to learn critical life skills and develop social relationships. Home life provides the opportunity for creativity, and young people are encouraged to personalise their own space and take part in house-based activities. Each young person has their own bedroom, the majority of which have en-suite bathrooms.

Extended learning
During evenings, weekends and school holidays a wide range of extra-curricular activities appropriate to individual needs and wishes, gender, culture and ability is on offer. This includes clubs and visits to ensure that young people are fully engaged with stimulating experiences during their waking hours.We have a full-time Activity Programme Co-ordinator to devise, arrange, deliver and monitor the provision of activities both at school and in the wider community.

Keeping in contact
Young people who live at Fullerton House School are supported and encouraged to keep in contact with their family and friends in the way that works best for them. We also have accommodation onsite for visiting friends and families.

Hesley Group offers a person-centred approach which aims to develop independence and create a safe environment to maximise potential. The philosophy is one of warmth, security, consistency, understanding and trust. Fullerton House School is strongly child-centred. Our safeguarding arrangements sit in this context. A copy of our Safeguarding policy is available here. A copy of our safeguarding Procedures are available here.

Health and safety
We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the people we support and staff. Fullerton House School adheres to all procedures in place under Hesley Group’s Health and Safety Policy.