Fullerton House School

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Fullerton House School, on the outskirts of Doncaster, is a Hesley Group specialist school which supports children and young people who have a learning disability, autism and complex needs, including behaviours that challenge. We offer child-centred education and support, including a full range of Therapeutic Services based on site, for up to 44 young people aged 8 to19 in an environment that complements their individual needs, capabilities and aspirations whilst allowing them the opportunity to progress and reach their full potential.

Located in Denaby Main a small town on the outskirts of Doncaster, Fullerton House School opens up a range of community learning opportunities for all of its young people. Fullerton House School has a range of different learning environments, classrooms and well equipped learning spaces to complement the wide variety of available activities and to create positive learning opportunities. Within the school’s grounds we have our own sports hall, sensory room, arts and crafts workshop, outdoor playground, dining room and learning intervention rooms. Hesley Group also have established excellent relationships with local sensory facilities, working farms, pet rescue centres, soft play centres, gyms and leisure centres.

We have a firm belief in the ‘Power of Yet’ and this is at the heart of the service offered at Fullerton House School. Our school prospectus is currently being updated and is available on request.

For referral enquiries please contact our Referrals Team on 0800 055 6789 or via email at referralenquiries@hesleygroup.co.uk

Covid-19 information for Fullerton House School can be found here.