Activities at Low Laithes

Low Laithes affords all the opportunities of a community environment; access to a range of local amenities and leisure are all embedded into the daily lives of the people we support. Our aim is for the people here to be valued by the local community. We go to local shops, pubs and restaurants building strong relationships with those working there. Local parks, walks and cycle trails are easily accessible. Low Laithes has its own vehicles, but wherever possible we also use public transport to promote travel skills and independence.

Active, meaningful and purposeful lives

We recognise that when people have complex needs, it is very important to provide a safe environment where they can learn and develop their skills and maximise their potential. We provide individually designed learning and leisure activities in a fully supportive environment to give people the widest possible range of life opportunities. Person-centred therapeutic support can help them make the very best of these opportunities. Learning activities include social, educational, personal and lifestyle experiences, with skills development consistently a central component. As part of each person-centred plan, activities are arranged to suit each person. Each plan is monitored to ensure that people receive the correct balance of activities according to their particular needs. An emphasis is placed on each person making their own choices and selecting their own activities.

A broad range of activities can be accessed in the local and wider communities, which can include horticulture, art and crafts, eating out, visits to local and national attractions, trips to the coast, cinema, bowling, swimming, gym, dance, shopping, sensory club, cycling, woodwork, music, performing arts, voluntary work, access to local colleges, work placements, local walks, horse riding, gym sessions, Heeley City Farm (Sheffield) work placement with animal care, Cannon Hall Farm, Xscape Castleford, Swinton Lock, the Vic disco, Wheels for all cycling and rebound therapy. The ASDAN Awards framework is also utilised provides opportunities for people to achieve qualifications in a range of subjects linking to activities.

Low Laithes also has its own facilities to host social events, to which friends and family can be invited. Shopping and cooking for themselves, with support as required, is part of living as independently as you can for people at Low Laithes, as is cleaning and tidying their home.

Additionally, a wide range of trips are provided on request and have previously included excursions to sporting events and an adventure centre, boating and canoeing. Activities continue in the evenings and also at weekends, with people attending, for example, a local advocacy group, a learning disability nightclub and gym sessions at a local leisure centre. The development of programmes of meaningful activity is always ongoing. We listen to the people at Low Laithes who take part in all these activities and adapt programmes depending on their feedback. We remain determined to further enhance these programmes to offer the very best provision possible.

Above all, we seek to provide the people we support with the best quality of life possible. Living ordinary lives full of opportunities to develop new skills, interests and friendships becoming full and valued members of their local community.

Life-long learning and development

Progress is monitored through the person-centred planning process and the positive recognition of achievements. Successes are celebrated by friends, family and staff.

We endeavour to ensure that everybody has a varied and fulfilling life, abundant with opportunities to make their own choices and to identify their own needs and aspirations.

Dedicated and committed staff support and promote a person-centred approach. The philosophy of Low Laithes, is to support the people who live here and staff in taking a positive approach to the complex needs of, and challenges faced by each person, aiming to ensure that everybody is recognised for their individuality and positive attributes. People’s progress and achievements are recorded and reviewed on a regular basis by the team working with them, together with the person themselves and those important to them, to ensure that the goals and objectives match the needs and wishes of the person.