The transition process then begins. This will then be managed by a senior manager from Wilsic Hall School who will work with the young person, their family/carers, other key stakeholders and the placing authority so that the move is properly planned and managed and that the best interests of the young person. Hesley Group involves individuals, their families and appropriate others in devising a pathway plan which will help inform their transition into adult life. This planning occurs from 14 years of age and considerable attention is given to getting transition right.

After reaching 18 years of age, young people can stay on in the children’s home pending their next move. 

A full risk assessment and evaluation of their daily routine is, however, undertaken to ensure their residence in the children’s home has no adverse effect on the children and young people under the age of 18 also living there, while continuing to meet their own needs.

After 18 years of age, placements become transitional, and increased links are made with the appropriate adult service, while the young person continues in their last year of education in the school setting. 

Every effort is made through the Education and Looked After Children reviews to find the most appropriate next placement, before the young person leaves school.

When someone moves on from Wilsic Hall School, we strive to plan positively and collaboratively with the person who is to move, as well as all key others, to ensure future provision continues on sound, person-centred foundations.