Each young person has a series of support plans that are based on their personal needs and aspirations. These are monitored on an ongoing basis to identify any changes that may need to be made to education or support packages.

Wilsic Hall transition imageThe initial placement review takes place between the first week and the first month of the placement. The first full review takes place within four months of admission to confirm that the placement is suitable and to set future education/care objectives. After the initial review there will be six-monthly and annual reviews.

The annual review of the Statement of Educational Needs/ Education Health and Care Plan will usually be held at the same time as one of the above regular reviews. The individuals, parents, staff, external agencies (eg local authorities) and professionals are all invited to reviews which will consider progress, aspirations, achievement, changes in circumstances, educational/care objectives and any special requests. Any difficulties are addressed and there is always an opportunity for full discussion.