At Wilsic Hall School our curriculum objectives are to:

  • Promote independence;
  • Value every young person;
  • Identify and provide for the educational needs of each student, so that they may develop to the highest possible standard within his or her own abilities;
  • Foster all-round development through a balanced waking-day experience;
  • Develop a sense of self-respect and the ability to live as confident, self-motivated adults;
  • Encourage the development of the skills necessary to cope with everyday problems together with the ability to co-operate with others and to contribute to their own well-being;
  • Help young people to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and to access the community successfully;
  • Foster awareness of religious and moral values including those of different cultures, religions and ways of life.

Wilsic Education ImageIndividual Education Plan (IEP)
When a young person comes to Wilsic Hall School, an IEP is created with step-by-step targets to enable successes to be celebrated early and often. This plan is used to carefully tailor lessons to suit each young person and encourage enhanced thinking skills and an enjoyment of the learning experience.

Students follow the National Curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4. At Key Stage 4, they have the opportunity to participate in work-related learning and citizenship. We take account of community cohesion locally, regionally, nationally and internationally within the curriculum.

Key skills are also built into the curriculum and form the basis of our students’ development. These key skills are: communication, application of number, information communication technology, working with others, problem solving and improving own learning and performance. Wilsic Hall School also provides a range of externally accredited, nationally recognised qualifications.

Educational visits
Young people will, from time to time, be offered the opportunity to take part in educational visits. A successful educational visit can greatly enhance the school curriculum and help motivate everyone. Wilsic Hall School provides informative, exciting and stimulating educational visits, in the context of positive and supportive risk management which follows Department for Education guidance and complies with regulations. We undertake thorough risk assessments in relation to each young person and their specific needs. Staffing, travel arrangements and the site to be visited are all carefully considered.

Waking day curriculum
At Wilsic Hall School young people benefit from a waking day curriculum. We aim to equip everybody with the confidence and general relationship skills they may need when they come to transition to the next stage of their life. These skills, including cooking, cleaning and socialising, are taught both in school and in the home setting. Everyone has a transition plan written to suit their needs and this is followed by both the education and care teams jointly.

Young people's achievements are recognised and acknowledged on a daily basis. Progress is monitored through the formal assessment process and equally importantly, successes are celebrated by peers, staff, family and friends.

A list of awards and qualifications gained during the previous school year is available from the school on request.

Religious education and worship
Everyone at Wilsic receives appropriate instruction in religious education in line with the syllabus. To make the lessons directly relevant and accessible to young people with learning disabilities, which may be severe, as well as other complex needs, social, moral, and cultural issues are addressed accordingly.

All staff and students participate in collective worship, daily and weekly at the school assembly, which provides a celebratory focus. These assemblies offer a mixture of comparative cultural, topical and secular themes. They are designed to reflect and celebrate the multi-faith culture that exists in Britain today. Religious and cultural issues are also discussed with parents/carers.

Terms and student holidays
Details of our Terms and Student Holiday Schedules are available below or by requesting a copy from the school.

   Wilsic Hall School - residential students 
   Wilsic Hall School - day students 

   Wilsic Hall School Holiday Schedule

Exclusions are very rare. In the unlikely event that a decision is made to exclude someone, this will only be in extreme circumstances, and generally only when all available strategies have proved unsuccessful in maintaining inclusion. There have been no exclusions during the last school year. A copy of our policy is available here.