Clinical psychology

As a team we provide specialist clinical psychology services to individuals across the Hesley Group in our schools and adult services. This can be delivered to the people we support, the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and the wider care team as a whole. Our time is spent making sure that those who use our services are able to enjoy a high quality of life and engage in as much as possible, to help them achieve the best they can from life.

We are able to complete a variety of psychological assessments which help us to understand the people we support as well as guide our formulation as to the best way to help staff work with those people. The team then employs a variety of therapeutic techniques with the person and/or their care team, as well as providing consultation on service structure and to other professional carers. We evaluate and make decisions about treatment options taking into account theoretical and therapeutic models and highly complex factors concerning historical and developmental processes, which have shaped the individual, their family or their staff team. Within the Clinical Psychology team we also undertake risk assessment and management of individuals to provide advice for other professionals on psychological aspects of risk assessment and management. We currently have ties to the University of Sheffield and Leeds University and provide placements for trainee clinical psychologists when requested.

The qualified clinical psychologists are supported by two different types of assistant psychologist. First are the clinical assistant psychologists, who help to collect data and assessments to aid the work of the qualified members of staff. Second, a more recent role, is a split post across clinical and support teams in order to better understand the people we support and help implement work across care. The work can often be complex and detailed and staff receive regular supervision and training from the qualified members of the psychology team as well as through the learning and development department. We work very closely with the other members of the MDT and tailor the work we deliver to the person based on meetings and conversations we have with our colleagues in these departments.

We also aim to make people’s working life as enjoyable as possible, helping to teach and train staff to personally and professionally develop them. The team deliver up to date inputs for care teams and also the staff we support. This has most recently been in relation to functional analyses and positive behaviour support planning. Our qualified clinical psychologists also take part in service development, whilst considering any current national or local guidelines. We use research skills for audit and research and contribute to identifying key areas and priorities for psychology service provision.

Meet the team:
Dr Zoe Bradshaw - Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Lyndsey Presley - Principal Clinical Psychologist
Stephanie Blythe - Assistant Psychologist