Speech & language therapy team

image of Portia HayesPortia McIntosh
Clinical Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at Fullerton House School

I work as a Clinical Specialist SLT, based at Fullerton House School. As part of my role I supervise some of the Therapy Assistants and offer advice and guidance across the group as part of peer supervision. I am also involved in service development and lead on therapy interventions across the group such as Lego Therapy and Attention Autism. I enjoy working as part of the Multidisciplinary team and I feel we make a real difference to the lives of the students at Fullerton. 

I have worked for the Hesley Group since September 2015, previously I have worked in Special Schools, Enhanced Provisions and Community Clinics in the Doncaster Area as part of the NHS. Before that I worked in Essex as an SLT in a Special School where I developed the service from one SLT to a team of three therapists and two therapy assistants. The Special School had outstanding enhanced provision for Autism and Challenging Behaviour at each Key Stage. 

I qualified to be an SLT in September 2006, when I graduated from the University of Essex with an MSc in Speech and Language Therapy, I also have a BSc in Psychology. 

When I’m not at work I have a busy family life looking after my little boy, we enjoy swimming, long walks in the park and playing with tractors! 

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