Speech & language therapy team

Image of Patricia BugembePatricia Bugembe
Speech and Language Therapist at Low Laithes

Prior to joining the team at Low Laithes I worked as a research assistant at the Clinical Research Facility, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and at Sheffield University’s Autism Research Lab (Sharl).

I have a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience which I completed in 2007. I then went on to do a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience where I had the opportunity to further investigate the bio-psychological theories about Autism. While doing my masters I began work as a support worker at Autism Plus. This inspired me to pursue a career as a therapist, supporting adults with Autism with their communication. I began my MMedSci in Speech and Language Therapy in 2012 at the University of Sheffield.

Out of work I enjoy spy novels, films and documentaries. I also enjoy reading, watching and discovering more about different cultures around the world. This is how I discovered Capoeira (a Brazilian Martial Art/ Dance), I enjoy playing Capoeira when I get the time. It helps keep me fit, and it’s a really useful way to learn Portuguese. I also enjoy music, a wide range of genres but mostly music that was made before 1995. I would like to sing in a band, but I am not talented enough (yet).

In the future I would like to be involved in the development of services for adults and children with autism in developing countries. 

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