Speech & language therapy team

Image of Dave SidebottomDave Sidebottom
Therapy Assistant, Hesley Village and Community Solutions Thorne

I currently work as a Therapy Assistant, doing 3 and a half days at Hesley and 1 and a half at Thorne Community Solutions. I have over 2 years’ experience working as a Therapy Assistant having also previously worked at Fullerton House School in this role.

I have worked for the Hesley group company for over 9 years, initially working as a support worker at Wilsic Hall School before switching to my current role. After 7 years of great experience on care as a support worker I felt I was ready for a change in job roles and wanted to further progress in my career. I had worked closely with some of the Therapeutic Services team whilst on care and when I saw a Therapy Assistant role advertised it felt like it was right for me.

I enjoy lots of sports out of work including playing and watching football. I support Doncaster Rovers and try to see them as often as I can. I have a bucket list of around 20 things I want to do and some of the things I have ticked off are going to Tokyo, swim with dolphins and go to an F1 Grand Prix. Some other things on the list that I have yet to achieve are to run a 10k or half marathon for charity, do a parachute jump, and visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

As far as future aspirations go, I am still undecided about the specific areas I wish to move into as part of my career. I will continue to develop myself here within the Hesley Group and hopefully a specific career path which is right for me will reveal itself.

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