Investors in People (IiP)

Why the Hesley Group links to IiPIiP Logo
IiP is designed to help emplyers improve performance by linking people development and skills acquisition to the specific aims and objectives of their business and needs of their customers. The assessment pocess gives another opportunity for quality assurance feedack against national standards from an independent viewpoint. In this case the focus is on our key resource - our staff. IiP is central to helping employees become and maintain customer focused, enabling the Hesley Group to more effectively meet customer needs. IiP status brings public recognition for real achievements measured against a rigorous national standard, which helps to attract the best quality job applicants.

Benefits for organisation and staff and therefore those who live in our services
Skilled motivated people work harder and better, improving productivity. Motivation is improved through employees' greater involvement, personal and professional development and recognition of their achievements. This leads to higher morale, improved retention rates which increases consistency for those receiving services, and identification with the organisation's goals and each person's individual needs.

Review and report
In the Investors in People Hesley Group Review of December 2012, 75 staff members were interviewed representing approximately 6% of the total workforce. Feedback was very positive. They told the IiP assessor:

With specific regard to the company's induction process:

"Everything I've needed has been there."
"Everyone will help you out."
"The company's been brilliant. I've had 100% support."
"The HELP programme was really good."
"The initial training was useful. I felt prepared."
"My line manager's been really good. I've had regular supervisions."

Comments in general related to people management:

"They do thank you all the time."
"My manager is very, very supportive."
"We have a debrief at the end of each shift."
"They've listened to me. Anything I've put to them, they've looked at it."
"He (the senior manager) gives us good feedback, such as on CQC."
"The training has helped me do the job. It helps to confirm what we do."
"I love my job"
"I'm really happy. They have been flexible and understanding."