Black Lives Matter statement

Please note that this is the stated position of Hesley Group in response to the death of George Floyd and how we aim to work toward anti-racist practice.  

A Statement from Hesley Group – Black Lives Matter

The principles of diversity and equality are core to what we aim to achieve for people supported at Hesley Group.   We believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, above all as equal members of society with the same choices, rights and privileges.   Discrimination and prejudice have no place in our practice, and no place in society.

We are also committed to the principles of #BlackLivesMatter, are against all forms of racism, whether overt, insidious or structural.  We condemn the brutal killing of African-American George Floyd and in common with our partner organisations we seek to support justice, healing, and freedom for all BAME communities across the globe. 

Hesley Group stands with the Black community and other BAME communities and we will support and encourage and equip all our employees to do the same.

We agree with our partners that it is no longer enough for us simply to stand up and condemn racism:  we must be actively anti-racist in our approach.

We are in the process of reflecting and dealing with personal feelings and experiences on the issue of race and inequality, which has been brought into sharp focus by the shocking and tragic death of George Floyd, and the inequalities COVID-19 has exposed in our society.

Hesley Group aims to create a safe environment for all employees to be able to challenge individual or group practice without being judged, blamed or experience repercussions.  We know that we have significant amounts of work to do to achieve this.  This presents a challenge to us as an organisation.  One that we hope to be able to step up to and change the way we practice.  In addition to seeking specialist support we will refer to guidance issued by CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development) in their statement. 

We wish to encourage members/registrants of professional bodies who are employed by Hesley Group to familiarise themselves with the statement and guidance issued by their registration/professional bodies and undertake relevant research and reflective practice to support and promote anti-discriminatory/anti-racist practices.  

We are reviewing our existing training packages and learning opportunities in relation to helping employees and the organisation as a whole develop awareness, understanding and the necessary skills to achieve anti-racist practice.

We want to encourage our employees engage with members of the BAME community, whether colleagues or people we support, in order to better understand their reality and challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.  We recognise that the burden has too often been on BAME people to inform and educate others but this is not an acceptable position.
We will update our Single Equality Scheme to include an action plan in relation to setting out in detail our goals and measuring achievement against these.  The action plan will be made available to individuals and organisations through the Hesley Group Website and Internal Infonet as soon as possible.  

We will as part of this process be inviting contributions from individuals or teams as to how we can improve our practice.  Some of our partners/professional and regulatory bodies statements and blogs can be accessed through the links below.

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There are many other statements and links to support available on the web.