Hesley Group works jointly with the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS). NYAS is commissioned to work specifically to support and promote the voice and the rights of the children and adults in our services.

Advocacy for children and young people
NYAS has played a major role in the history of advocacy provision, including the delivery of the National Advocacy Standards 2002. It also initiated advocacy for young people with the Youth Justice Board for young people in secure settings. Its accredited training centre with both the open College Network and City & Guilds provides specialist qualifications for advocating for children and adults. Among its specialist areas are advocacy for children and adults with disabilities, and mental health advocacy including Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA's).

A leading independent advocacy provider, NYAS co-chairs the National Advocacy Consortium for children and young people with Voice. NYAS is a member of the Alliance for Child Centred Care, contributing to local and national policies and guidance. Its advocacy services include:

Issue-based advocacy
Issue-based advocates are offered in response to a specific request for advice or advocacy for one-to-one work with a child or young person.
Residential-visiting advocacy
Advocates visit residential units on a regular basis to meet and interact with young people, allowing them to identify any concerns or issues being expressed.

Rights-based advocacy
Supporting some of the most vulnerable young people in society, it provides specialist advocacy in mental health settings including the provision of IMHAs. Where children and young people are disabled it adopts a 'rights-based' approach to advocacy, which ensures that their basic rights are upheld and their dignity respected.