Quality and quality governance

Quality is everyone's business - and at Hesley Group we take our responsibilities for ensuring high quality services very seriously. We aim to provide a service for everyone that is positive in terms of the service-user experience and is:


To support high-quality service provision, systems for continuous learning and improvement must be in place and in use and work well.

Our Board of Directors is ultimately accountable for the quality of the services we provide, with devolved governance arrangements in place across all operational levels. Two members of the Board undertake visits to form a view as to the quality of our environmental standards and the quality of care and supported provided. At a local level, our senior management teams and their staff are responsible for managing quality.

At Hesley Group we periodically undertake an objective assessment of care and support. This is to make sure our services as a very minimum meet national standards and regulations and to identify where improvements can be made. The standards that apply to our adults’ services are the CQC Fundamental Standards of Care 2014 and associated regulations. In our children’s services these are the 2015 Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards, also the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010.

An Independent Education Inspector is commissioned by us to assess the quality of teaching, learning, and regulatory compliance within our schools and to advise on best practice, and an independent person undertakes monthly visits to each children’s home to objectively scrutinise and assess the quality of safety and management within that service.

Organisational governance at all levels works to ensure the organisation, and each person within it, is striving to achieve continuous improvement. Overviews are maintained by senior managers, the Executive Team and the Hesley Group Board in respect of:

•    Keeping people safe, including safeguarding children and adults
•    Positive Behaviour Support
•    Managing responding to and learning from complaints and concerns
•    Resource management including staff recruitment, deployment and support
•    A skilled and competent workforce
•    A safe and pleasant environment

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