Pathways, outcomes & partnerships

At Hesley Group we have combined best practice, proven methodologies, a commitment to training and over 40 years of sustained investment to develop our core empathic and ethical model of positive and progressive care, support and enablement.

We know to make a real difference for those with complex needs takes a true team effort - between us, families, funding groups and of course other agencies. It’s why we’re committed to forging positive and trusting relationships built on mutual respect and a shared desire to help those who live in our services.

For families, deciding where’s best for the person you care about isn’t easy. It’s a time of lots of emotions and questions. You don’t want to leave them, but know they need the kind of specialist skills you hope we can offer.

We are keen to establish early on and before admission where possible, at least to some degree, what may be the most appropriate pathway of care from that point on for the person concerned. This may be within the Hesley Group's services or involve a move to another provider, which becomes increasingly relevant as people progress through our services towards greater levels of independence.

Now, more than ever, a joined-up, partnership approach to supporting vulnerable people is the key to a successful outcome. At Hesley Group we believe in working positively with all partners, for the benefit of all those who use our services. We recognise that partnership extends beyond our services and that the transition process is a key opportunity to forge positive relationships with everyone involved. In other words, healthy long-term partnerships are the best way to provide the right services for vulnerable people with long-term needs.

We recognise that demands on placing authorities are high and financial constraints tight and we know at times our fees may be higher than others, although often they are not. We can’t promise quick results, yet the speed at which some people progress even surprises us. What we can do is give you our word that we are 100% committed to offering the very best quality service, every day of every week, every year.