Wilsic Hall School achieves 'Good' Ofsted reports

ofsted pieces image

Following December's inspections by Ofsted for both Care and Education, Wilsic Hall School are proud to share their news of achieving a rating of 'Good' for both.

Well done to everyone involved.

You can view the full Education Report here and copies of the Care Report are available on request by contacting Wilsic Hall School on 01302 856382 or by using our contact form.

Here's just a few of the comments made which reinforces the hard work and dedication of the staff whilst supporting the people in their care:

education report image"Pupils flourish in the care of the school. They grow in confidence as learners and young people in the school’s community." Education Report 

"Pupils enjoy school, learning and having friends. They attend very regularly. They feel safe and cared for and make strong progress." Education Report

"Children and young people have made good progress since moving to the home. This includes increased attendance at school, enjoying activities in the community and improved daily living skills." Care Report

wilsic care report image"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary throughout the day, during lessons and breaks." 
Education Report

"Children and young people have good attendance at the on-site school. Their bespoke education package helps them to reach their full potential."  Care Report

"Staff help children and young people become more independent with their personal care. This gives them control in their lives, preserves their dignity and leads to an improvement in their confidence." Care Report

"Pupils show strong progress in their capacity to communicate their wishes, desires and choices to others." Education Report

"Students engage enthusiastically in work-related learning and work experiences." Education Report