Occupational therapy team

image of Anna DuncanAnna Duncan
Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist across the Hesley Group

I currently work as a specialist occupational therapist in two different services - with the Hesley Group and in an NHS inpatient learning disabilities service in York. 

I have worked with people with learning disabilities since volunteering once a week with a young boy with severe learning disabilities when I was 20. This experience provided me with the incentive to begin a career in the field of learning disability, in residential, day care and educational settings. This has included working as a volunteer in a school for children with hearing impairments in Botswana which came about after a period of 18 months travelling in Africa and South East Asia on a bicycle. I studied Occupational Therapy as a mature student and graduated in 2001.

My first job as a basic grade OT was in acute psychiatry in London, where I experienced the value of group work and issues related to mental health. From there I was employed as a senior 2 OT in a community learning disability service in London. I particularly loved this job and benefited from working with an excellent multidisciplinary team.  At this point I moved to Northern Ireland where I worked part time as a senior 2 OT in a community paediatric service. From here I moved with my family to Essex and worked briefly in a learning disability assessment and treatment service in Billericay until moving to York where I still live. I worked as a support worker for a while in York which has given me an understanding of working with clinicians from the care point of view. I then worked as a senior OT with The Hesley Group full time for two years, before splitting my job roles between the Hesley Group and NHS.

Since working at Hesley I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the use of sensory based interventions and have qualified as a Sensory Integration Practitioner. I am passionate about the value of Occupational Therapy as a medium for improving people’s lives.

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