Ofsted Reports 'Good' for Fullerton House School

We're really proud to share that following Fullerton House School's recent Ofsted Inspections they have been once again awarded the rating of Good for both Education and Care.

You can view the full Education Report here and copies of the Care Report will be available upon request from the school either by telephoning 01709 861663 or please feel free to use our contact form.

Here's just a few of the comments from the reports....

"Pupils make outstanding progress in developing their behaviour as teachers meet pupils’ complex behavioural needs extremely well." Education Report

"Staff communicate well with parents and carers who consider, for example, that ‘staff are positive and friendly’ and that Fullerton House School is ‘the best school to meet (their child’s) complex needs." Education Report

"Children and young people make continued progress in all areas of their development. Staff help them to learn and to develop their daily living skills such as planning, shopping and preparing their own meals." Care Report

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding as pupils’ behaviour rapidly improves soon after starting Fullerton House School. Pupils’ behaviour is managed exceptionally well by adults as there are clear procedures to follow and staff are well trained." Education Report 

"Children and young people experience a carefully planned move into the home. Prior to admission, the management team completes an in-depth assessment of the children’s and young people’s needs." Care Report

Congratulations to all involved during the inspections and well done.