Our philosophy

Our commitment is to providing responsive, positive, enriching and effective care to all those who live at Low Laithes.

Our principal aim is for each person to develop increasing independence, through support and coaching in an environment that offers warmth, security, consistency and understanding. We seek to maintain a purposeful and calm atmosphere through the empathic and professional approach of staff. Trust and a positive rapport between the people living at Low Laithes and staff reflect the ethos of our service.

Low Laithes philosophy imageEquality and diversity
We aim to ensure all people receive fair and equal treatment based on their abilities or needs, in all aspects of our employment and service provision.

Hesley Group prohibits acts of unlawful or unjustifiable discrimination and respects the fundamental human right of every person not to be discriminated against on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation.

We are committed to enabling people to express their individuality.

Planning now, for the future
We have a focus on helping prepare people for their lives beyond Low Laithes, by providing a full range of positive opportunities for learning and development, appropriate to the needs and wishes of each person. We place a strong emphasis on getting transition planning right with and for each person.

We take a positive approach to risk management, based on a full understanding of the needs of each person. We work consultatively with the person themselves and all other key parties in planning and developing individualised care and support. We monitor and regularly review all assessments, progress and outcomes.

A strong emphasis is placed on meaningful activity away from Low Laithes, as well as within the service itself. There are facilities within the service for people to develop meaningful skills, as well as initiatives for people to access employment, further education and other community facilities and services.

Positive partnership working, clear and positive communication and respectful and collaborative relationships are seen as vital to creating and continually evolving methods of support, with families and other key personal and professional parties. This helps us best facilitate and develop the care and support provided for each person, as they move into, through and on from Low Laithes.