Low Laithes  is a purpose-built residential service for 35 adults with complex needs, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. People who live here benefit from the close proximity to the town centre and the nearby countryside.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of the people entrusted to our services by focusing on their individual needs, capabilities and aspirations. We aim to enable each person to maximise their potential and achieve a progressively more independent and higher quality of life. We seek to achieve this through:

Person-centred focus: This encompasses lifelong learning, care, communication, health, behavioural needs, a range of programmes of activity, emotional well-being and citizenship. Individuals are encouraged to participate in activities and empowered to make decisions for themselves, as far as this may be possible.

Outcome-focused: We enable and encourage people to make their own decisions wherever possible and appropriate to circumstances. We seek to protect those we support from exploitation. Outcome-focused activities, which build confidence and social skills, enable them to achieve measurable progress.

Lifelong-learning: Person-centred plans focus on providing opportunities to suit the specific needs and aspirations of each person. Fully inclusive community-based programmes enable life skills to be developed and practised, with the aim of empowering each person to make a positive contribution to their community.

Communication: Speech and Language Therapists work to develop an appropriate communication approach for each person, which is then reinforced by the support teams to ensure day-to-day consistency with everybody living in the service. This approach helps people develop an increasing understanding of many issues which affect their daily lives - and for example, helps them to take an active and meaningful part in decision making around such issues as well as to extend the depth and range of their relationships.

Citizenship: Creating a safe, predictable and stimulating environment enables everybody to be as active as possible in their community, leading to meaningful social inclusion. Some of the people who live at Low Laithes have regular work placements and/or vocational experiences, both in the village and the local community.

Trust and relationships: Secure and familiar social networks are extremely important and these are developed and built upon from day one. This helps create trusting and valued relationships between people who live at Low Laithes, staff, immediate and extended family and friends.

High-quality accommodation and facilities: Each person has their own self-contained apartment. In addition, there is access to a wide range of local amenities and excellent on-site facilities which complement and enrich the lives of those living at Low Laithes.

Professional services: A dedicated team including Support Workers, a Vocational Programme Co-ordinator, a Vocational Mentor, as well as sessional workers support activity provision for individuals and groups. A Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Speech and Language Therapist together with Occupational therapist, Behaviour Therapist and Therapy Assistant, ensure that people have ready access to the support and services they require, to meet their individual needs. A Practice Lead assists the link between therapeutic and operational teams.

Keeping people safe: Hesley Group offers a person-centred approach, which aims to support people to develop increasing levels of independence and to create a safe environment for them - giving them the best possible opportunities to maximise their potential. Our philosophy is one of warmth, security, consistency, understanding and trust. Our safeguarding arrangements sit in this context; our policies, procedures, staff training and quality assurance provide a robust and regularly reviewed framework for this philosophy.

Health and safety: We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all those who live and work in or otherwise access our services. Low Laithes adheres to all procedures in place under Hesley Group’s Health and Safety Policy.