Active, meaningful lives

To facilitate the progress of each person towards greater independence and more meaningful social inclusion, there is a broad programme of activity to support skills development, the growth of confidence and the achievement of individual goals.

There is a strong emphasis on off-site activity in addition to the use of the facilities of the service itself.

Every person’s activity plan is different and individualised to their particular needs and choices. The multi-disciplinary team plays a significant role in getting programmes right by producing proactive support plans together with the person themselves and staff, to help people achieve their goals. These plans are adapted over time as people make progress.

Current and future activity plans are discussed in the Residents’ Forum and also within multi-disciplinary meetings, activity meetings and at each person’s review.

Low Laithes imageOccupational Therapists are able to assess each person's needs and wishes in relation to what they prefer in terms of occupations now and also what skills they would like to develop for their future. The focus is for this to be purposeful and meaningful to each individual in order to ensure that intrinsic motivation for occupation is supportive of development. The Occupational Therapist works closely with the vocational team and the MDT to ensure active engagement in life supports each person's wellbeing.

Away from the service a wide range of activities are offered, of which the following are a small selection: ASDAN qualifications and adult education, including at local colleges, swimming, horse riding at Stanbeck Stables, gym sessions, Heeley City Farm (Sheffield) work placement with animal care, Cannon Hall Farm, Xscape Castleford, Swinton Locke, the Vic disco, Wheels for all cycling, rebound therapy and independence skills, such as shopping and using public transport. The ASDAN Awards framework is also utilised on and off site with people working to different qualifications in a range of subjects linking to activities.

Within the service: Horticulture and woodwork, Arts & crafts, Makaton choir, fitness sessions, massage, cooking and food tasting in the vocational kitchen, sensory sessions and ICT.

Additionally a wide range of trips are provided on request and have previously included excursions to sporting events and an adventure centre, boating and canoeing.

Activities continue in the evenings and also at weekends, with people attending, for example, a local advocacy group, a learning disability nightclub and gym sessions at a local leisure centre.

The development of programmes of meaningful activity is always ongoing. We listen to the people at Low Laithes who take part in all these activities and adapt programmes depending on their feedback. We remain determined to further enhance these programmes to offer the very best provision possible.