Policies in place at Ivy Lane School

COVID-19 - To support safe education during the Covid-19 outbreak, Ivy Lane School has the following risk assessments in place. Click here to view the current documents

Policies imageHesley Group's designated managers develop policy and best practice initiatives and assess how well we are doing in meeting our objectives and complying with national standards. This includes the management of health and safety and keeping people safe. The organisation consults with young people using the service and their families/representatives.

The Quality Governance Board reports regularly to the Board and Executive on service standards and any improvements needed. Our formal policies can be found below:

Education Equality
There is a commitment to providing equal opportunities for young people with differing needs relating to culture, religion and beliefs. Our policies on this can be found below:
As part of our Equality objectives we have also developed these Easy Read keeping safe guides for children.
As a school we do not feel exclusions work as either an effective sanction or behaviour management technique for the school and do not envisage using them in our practice throughout the school year. You can read our Exclusion of School Pupils policy here.

Hesley Group has a formal procedure for complaints in accordance with the Education Act (2002):

Record of complaints: As the school has only recently opened there were no formal complaints received during the last school year.