Reviews and Advocacy

Consultation, involvement and advocacy

We consult widely and involve everyone in designing their pathways and programmes.  We actively seek to properly listen to the voice of those who live in the colleges.

Everyone has access to advocacy. We work closely with advocacy providers to support and promote the voice of the individual and advocate for his and her needs.

Each young person has access to our complaints procedure in a format most appropriate for them.

Reviewing progress

Each young person has a series of support plans that are based on their personal needs and aspirations. These are monitored on an ongoing basis to identify any changes that may need to be made to education or support packages.

The annual review of the Education Health and Care Plan will usually be held at the same time as the annual review.

The individuals, parents, staff, external agencies (eg local authorities) and professionals are all invited to reviews which will consider progress, aspirations, achievement, changes in circumstances, educational/care objectives and any special requests. Any difficulties are addressed and there is always an opportunity for full discussion.