Referral, Transition & Quality

We want everyone to be as happy as possible from their very first day at College. That’s why we plan carefully for the future, preparing each young person for a rewarding adult life.

Referrals imageReferrals
Referrals are accepted from the placing authority that will fund the placement. The authority will be asked to send relevant information so we can consider whether one of our Specialist Colleges may be in a position to positively address the young person’s needs.

A Pre-admission Assessment is carried out by one of the assessment teams from the colleges and can include members of our clinical, care management and education teams.

They will arrange to meet the young person and as many young people centrally involved in their lives and direct care and education as possible. This is the start of the person-centred planning process that ensures everyone is treated as an individual.

If it is felt that one of our colleges represents a positive option for the person, the placing authority will be informed and a contract produced.

The transition process will be managed by a senior manager from the relevant college who will work with the young person, their family and the placing authority to ensure the move to their new college provision is well planned and that the best interests of the individual are properly addressed.

Quality assurance and policy
Hesley Group's designated managers develop policy and best practice initiatives and assess how well we are doing
in meeting our objectives and complying with national standards. This includes the management of health and safety and keeping people safe. The organisation consults with young people using the service and their families/representatives.

The Quality Governance Board reports regularly to the Board and Executive on service standards and any improvements needed. There is a large range of supportive documents available relating to all aspects of our Specialist Colleges' provision.

Summaries of key policies are available here on our website. Should you require a hard copy of any of the following policies, please feel free to contact the appropriate college:

• Managing risk
• Behaviour support
• Care planning
• Single equality scheme
• Health and safety arrangements
• Capacity and consent (including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards)
• Safeguarding Children and Adults
• Confidentiality and Information Sharing

Hesley Group has a formal procedure for complaints in accordance with the Education Act (2002) and the Health and Social Care Act (2008). Copies of this and our complaints form are available from the colleges.