Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional, 52-week-a-year residential and educational provision for young adults. Our two Specialist Colleges are situated near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. Their central location provides easy access by road, rail or air.

specialist colleges main imageThe colleges’ mission is to support young adults with their transition into adult life by focusing on their specific needs, capabilities and aspirations:

• Prompting greater independence

• Developing life skills

• Highly personalised programmes

• Preparation for community living

Every person should be given the best chance to succeed in life.

Becoming an adult, experiencing life changes, planning for the future and acquiring skills and knowledge for independence is a vital time in any young person's life. When that young person also has complex needs requiring social, educational and health support, it becomes a time of complex planning, exploration and agreeing future directions and pathways.

Recognising that people with learning disabilities may take longer to learn and make their transition into adult life, the Hesley Group extended their services to meet the recent regulatory entitlements of young adults up to 25 years of age and can now offer places within its Specialist Colleges provision.

Ultimately the over arching goal for all the young people using the college provision is to develop increasing independence in preparation for the next step they take.

Hesley Group Specialist Colleges actively promote joint working with partners/stakeholders in order to provide coherent pathways for the individual as they progress towards:

• community and supported living
• living back in the home area
• being near to family and friends

ISC provision philosophy image
How do we make it work?

• We have the staffing expertise and specialist knowledge
• We have a sound curriculum that is tailored to meet each individual’s needs
• We have strong learning pathways that are recognised by partners/stakeholders
• We have strong partnerships and joint working relationships to enhance the breadth and depth of individual learning programmes/work related learning opportunities
• We’re committed to person-centred planning and seek to always ensure the young person’s needs are at the heart of everything we do

Equality and diversity
There is a commitment at Hesley Group to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Our colleges operate a ‘Total Communication Approach’ where people have access to information in a range of formats including speech, signing and symbols.

Everyone using our services and staff will receive fair and equal treatment based on their abilities or needs, in all aspects of our employment and service provision.

The colleges’ philosophy and practice are aimed at ensuring that everyone has the support they need to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy life and achieve, make a positive contribution and attain economic well-being regardless of their age, disability, gender, religious or cultural background.

Hesley Group offers a person-centred approach which aims to support the development of independence and create a safe environment to maximise potential. The philosophy is one of warmth, security, consistency, understanding and trust. Our safeguarding arrangements sit in this context.

Health and safety
We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all those who access, live or work in our services. Our Specialist Colleges adhere to all procedures in place under Hesley Group’s Health and Safety Policy.