Life at our Specialist Colleges

At our specialist colleges we aim to provide the best possible care, as well as the best possible education.

Across both of our Specialist Colleges the accommodation is adapted and personalised to reflect young people's individual needs and wishes. It also maximises opportunities for promoting independent living.

Life at our colleges imagesThe accommodation includes:

• Individualised bedrooms

• Quality living spaces that promote independence and progressive skill development

• High quality kitchen/utility/laundry facilities enable the teaching of key life-skills using our multi-disciplinary, person-centred approach

• Appropriate use of adaptive technology

At The Paddocks young people live within a beautiful rural setting with ready community access, in high quality accommodation.

Young people at The Limes also live in excellent accommodation in the heart of the community, in an urban setting with many local facilities including a sports centre, restaurants and shops.

The facilities local to both colleges offer valuable, progressive learning opportunities for young adults with a range of needs and wishes.