Learning every day

Our Specialist Colleges offer learning all day, every day through individual programmes within a curriculum that has strong emphasis on personal development through a clearly assessed pathway framework. As well as offering qualifications and discrete courses provided internally, the colleges also offer students the opportunity to work and study within the community with local partnerships and employers.

Each student accesses an individual programme that is based on a combination of course choices that are tailored to meet individual needs and aspirations, identified through their EHC Plan, pathway and support assessments.
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The Colleges aim to make a big impact and support accelerated student progress which is monitored through achievements made against expected outcomes and steps to achievement. A strong multi-disciplinary team that includes Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and a Behaviour Specialist, ensure a holistic and embedded approach to supporting learning and achievement.

Students are assessed into one of the following 3 pathways:
• Sensory
• Independence
• Work related

Each young person goes through an Individual Option Planning process in order to build their programme. Subjects/courses offered include dance and drama, music and performance, face to face tutorials, space between, sensory integration, personal well-being, gardening, cooking, conservation, horticulture, community participation, grounds maintenance, arts & crafts, forest schools, environmental studies, functional skills, film making, photography, IT, work skills, horse riding, trampolining, zumba, home-skills and employment. We also offer internal and external work placements and dedicated personal development sessions. 

The curriculum offers a range of opportunities for students to achieve internally recognised certification and acquire externally accredited qualifications that we provide by nationally recognised awarding bodies such as ASDAN.

The framework for internal achievements and external accreditation is regularly revised to ensure it is relevant to students’ ongoing transition needs and the Colleges as a whole. The wide range of and flexible approach to accreditation support the individual’s progress and recognises achievements in a meaningful way to the student.

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Evidence of learning outcomes
Students’ achievements are captured throughout a range of the Colleges’ processes that include Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA) recording of progress and achievements against expected outcomes. Regular student tutorials are held as are termly, 6-monthly and annual reviews. The college recognises the importance of audio and visual recording of evidence of achievements in order to demonstrate students’ distance traveled and where possible uses this media in both course evidence and presentation at annual reviews.

Terms and student holidays
Details of our Terms and Student Holiday Schedules are available below or by requesting a copy from the College.

   Specialist College - residential students 
   Specialist College - day students 

   Specialist College - residential students 
   Specialist College - day students