Healthy eating and lifestyles
Our aim is that each person lives as healthy a life as possible. As well as our specialist multi-disciplinary team, our Specialist Colleges have access to the following professional services:

healthy food image• General Practitioner
• Dentist
• Chiropodist
• Optician

Everyone is registered with the local GP, giving them access to all usual health services. Specific health needs such as epilepsy, are well provided for and additional support for any young person will be arranged as required. Specific dietary requirements are catered for.

Young people are encouraged to engage in the full process of healthy meal preparation from planning a meal and shopping for groceries, through to the food preparation itself. This provides numerous learning opportunities and supports the person’s understanding of what is healthy and nutritious as part of their wider healthy lifestyle. Programmes are designed to  support an active and healthy lifestyle as well as providing learning and enjoyment.