Germ Buster

Sophie, a member of our fantastic Therapeutic Services Team, has created a comic book style series about ‘Germ Buster’ + Friends to help the people we support and reduce anxieties about the Coronavirus and the associated changes. The team will also be creating some related fun activities alongside this, so that we can all ‘help’ Germ Buster, whilst also learning about germs and skills about how to stay safe. 

Watch the animated versions below (including Makaton signed versions) or download the PDF versions to print. There's even symbol-based versions too!

Germ Buster - Chapter 1 original version

Germ Buster - Chapter 1 symbol-based version

Germ Buster - Chapter 2 original version

Germ Buster - Chapter 2 symbol-based version

Please feel free to download and share the resources far and wide, you can also find it on our social media pages facebook twitter LinkedIn and instagram.