Staff and Therapeutic Services

Our recruitment process is thorough and before joining us people’s employment histories are thoroughly checked, references taken up and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks carried out. Hesley Group prides itself on its training and support to staff. A number of team members have achieved long-term service awards for 10 and 20 years, which reflects the commitment of these highly dedicated staff to those they support and our commitment to reward and celebrate their significant and highly valued achievements.

Every new member of staff benefits from a comprehensive induction programme. Continuous staff development enables established staff to expand their skills and knowledge. As providers of care to young people with disabilities we have a duty to ensure that our safeguarding processes are robust and comprehensive. This includes ensuring that: young people are listened to and concerns acted upon; our staff teams are trained and competent in supporting young people; our management and reporting systems meet the standards required by law and are kept under review and up to date with current guidance.

Young people are supported by a range of staff, including:

  • Support staff, team leaders, deputy care managers and care managers who work together to ensure people receive the care and protection they need over the full 24 hours of every day;
  • Assistant Psychologists who provide direct support in both the education and care settings and play a central role in planning the provision of their assigned individulals;
  • Class teachers, teaching assistants, key workers and the head of education who ensure that teaching and learning is effective;
  • The hotel services manager and school administrator who each lead teams of core and administration staff that in turn contribute to the smooth running of the school.
See our complete staffing structure and list of educational staff.

Fullerton House School works with a range of specialists employed by Hesley Group. Our clinical team work directly with everyone to provide clinical input and direction and to help optimise the efficacy of support planning.

• Consultant Clinical Psychologist
• Assistant Psychologist
• Consultant Child & Adolesent Psychiatrist
• Speech and Language Therapist
• Behaviour Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Therapy Assistant