Privacy Statement & Cookie Policy


Hesley Group is committed to is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information

  • We will be transparent about the information we are collecting and what we will do with it.
  • We will use the information you give us for the purposes described in our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, which include providing you with services. 
  • If you tell us you don’t want to receive marketing messages we will stop sending them. We will, of course, continue to send essential information relating to a service you have contracted for.
  • We will put in place measures to protect your information and keep it secure.
  • We will respect your data protection rights and aim to give you control over your own information.

Below is a brief summary of the type of information we control and process. For full information please use this link to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Business Enquiries and Customer Service

Hesley Group may collect personal information from you when you contact us about our products or services, including name, email address, postal address, telephone number and job title. We will use this personal information:

  • To send you personalised communications which you have requested or may be of interest to you. These may include information about publications, events, surveys, conferences and learning events provided free of charge by Hesley Group.  The lawful basis for processing your personal information for this purpose will be “Legitimate Interest”.
  • This personal information will not be made available to 3rd party recipients without your specific consent. 
  • Hesley Group will review stored data annually and will delete any data that is a) out of date or b) has not been used during this period.   You have the right at any time to have this data removed or amended and we will delete or amend your data at your request.

Sensitive Personal Data of People we Support

Hesley Group collects information about people that we need in order to provide a service, including care and support and education.  This is sensitive personal data. We will use this sensitive personal data:

  • To carry out obligations to you arising from being a user of or a commissioner for our services. The lawful basis for processing your personal information for this purpose will be both “Contractual Need” and “Legal Obligation”.
  • Personal information may be shared with trusted third part processors in order to provide a service and fulfil our contact with the person using the service and the Authority that has commissioned the service, for example, electronic care planning and electronic medication administration systems.  Data will not otherwise be shared without consent.  The lawful basis for processing our information for these purposes “Contractual Need” and “Legal Obligations”
  • Hesley Group is jointly a data controller with the relevant Commissioning Authorities. We are bound by contractual and regulatory obligations to share with relevant Authorities and Regulators the sensitive personal data of people we support in relation to safeguarding people’s personal safety and welfare. The lawful basis for processing our information for these purposes is “Contractual Need” and “Legal Obligations”
  • People to who we provide a service and their families will each receive a privacy notice relating to the specific information we hold about them, the purposes for which this is required and when we will delete the data.
Sensitive and Special Category Information of Job Applicants

Hesley Group collects information about job applicants including personal contact details, date of birth, national insurance number, evidence of qualifications and for many posts a check against the DBS criminal records and barring lists.  If your application for employment is unsuccessful, we will keep your data on file for 9 months.  If your application is successful, we will issue you with a new Privacy Notice setting out how long we will keep your personal information. We have strict policies and controls in place to prevent the loss, accidental destruction, misuse or disclosure of your data.  Hesley Group does not operate any automated decision-making processes in respect of recruitment.  The lawful basis for processing this information is to meet our “Legal Obligations” in respect of safer recruitment and “Contractual Need” in the event of applications being successful. 

Contact Hesley Group

If you need to make a complaint, or just speak to someone at Hesley Group about your personal data please either use our contact form or telephone 01302 866906 and ask to speak to:

For e-mail notifications about publications, events and training – the Business Development Team on extension 1122

For people we support and their families:  Head of Policy and Regulation on extension 1511 or the Quality Governance Manager on extension 1121 

For job applicants the HR Manager on extension 1302

If you feel that we have not met our responsibilities under data protection law, you have a right to request an independent assessment from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).



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