Moving on from childhood to adulthood, or one place to another can be difficult for anybody, particularly someone with complex needs. Getting transition right is important to us at the Hesley Group. We aim to provide ongoing support for people and their families and carers through the complexities and emotional challenges of transition.

transition inageThe emotional, psychological and physical changes involved in transitions can be considerable and can have an impact in many areas of a person’s life. Careful planning of support is key to a transition being successful.

Our planning puts the person and their families at the centre of the transition process. We also work closely with other people who may be involved in the person’s life including advocates, care managers, health professionals and representatives of funding authorities. So, for example, our Clinical Psychologists may provide one-to-one sessions to help a person with the emotional and psychological impact of change, while one of our Speech and Language Therapists will ensure that information is presented in an accessible and meaningful way. This helps to make sure that the person is enabled to take as full a part as possible in the planning and decision making.

A key goal in transition is often that of a person gaining greater independence. For those who live in our services this can be a particularly difficult challenge. Planning, support and enablement must reflect this. We consult with people about future placements and support them to visit potential new homes.

We aim to plan well ahead to enable them to have the best possible chance of realising their hopes, wishes and expectations both through their own efforts and through them receiving the right support at the right time.

Next Steps imageOur little book Next Steps - Guide to Transition Planning is a conveniently sized reference tool complete with checklists and a notebook section - handy for taking along to meetings. It will hopefully also give you an idea of what the process is all about.

View our online version and download it in PDF format or request your personal printed copy by emailing us or call on 0800 055 6789.