Life is full of changes but probably one of the most complex transitions is from childhood to adulthood. Because we support many young people, transition is inevitably encountered by a significant proportion of those who live and work within our services. At the Hesley Group, we view it as a process, the various stages of which can happen over a number of years, at different times and paces - and can also represent an at times unpredictable and stormy period in a person’s life. Bearing in mind the complex needs of those we support, this is therefore a process that needs careful planning.
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In the Hesley Group's schools, colleges and children's services, our formal support of the transition process starts at the person’s first educational review after their 14th birthday. Usually this involves preliminary discussions about future available options, how these relate to the person’s longer-term needs and how they link to their wishes and feelings about their future.

From here we take a multi-agency planning approach, again involving the person concerned and all the key parties that relate to them. The end goal and challenge is to help them gain a greater independence and give them the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential. Find out more about our approach to transition from children's to adult services here.

Next Steps imageOur little book Next Steps - Guide to Transition Planning is a conveniently sized reference tool complete with checklists and a notebook section - handy for taking along to meetings. It will hopefully also give you an idea of what the process is all about.

View our online version and download it in PDF format or request your personal printed copy by emailing us or call on 0800 055 6789.