Right First Time is the Key to Stability

We know that the first few months can be stressful for everyone. Big changes and complex needs don’t always go hand in hand. Even if those changes are for all the right reasons.

Its important to get things right from the start and we firmly believe that stability of placement is not only better for the person, but their families and ultimately the placing authority.

We’ve asked our team to put together some pointers on how best to achieve a stable and rewarding placement. Here are some of their suggestions.

Know who you are seeking to support

The more we all know about the person, their goals, aspirations and needs, as well as their family and their values, the better. This will give us the best overview of the kind of placement they require.

Get all the right people together

Try and get everyone involved in the decision in the same room. With everyone focused on what’s best for the person the right choices become much clearer.

Go for an MDT approach

Experience suggests that a multi- disciplinary team is often the best way to support a person’s diverse needs. That involves clinical and support services working to a person-centred plan with a positive and empathic approach, to meet behavioural and often complex needs.

Education and more

A wide variety of meaningful activities is also important for progressive personal development. Staff who tailor experiences to the individual’s needs and goals bring about huge benefits.

Focus on quality

Robust quality systems managed by experienced quality teams are a fundamental asset. This ensures maximum compliance at all times.

Look a little deeper into the provider

Hesley Group has been an independent provider since 1975, with an enduring commitment to all those who live and work in its services. Long-term investment, low staff turnover and a strong emphasis on training and staff development, together with a core, ethically sound and researched approach and a robust and positive stance on quality, governance and compliance, have underpinned our stability.

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