Schools out

Our schools have an Activity Programme Coordinator who works closely with Care Managers to develop activities out of school hours in the evening, at weekends and during school holidays which are complementary to the in-school provision for each young person.

Each young person has their own individually tailored programme of meaningful activity and access to a huge range of productive and fun things to do. These range from going to the cinema, swimming or for a game of ten pin bowling to trips to theme parks, the coast or some of our beauty spots.

There is also a wide range of evening activities including reflexology, rebound therapy, arts and crafts, IT club, sensory drama, theatre drama, karaoke, youth club, make-up and beauty sessions, football and others, all of which can link to the Youth Achievement Award (which is akin to the Duke of Edinburgh Award) in which a young person makes progress in an activity of their own choice. There are also special seasonal activities, for example at Easter and Christmas. There is a lot to choose from!

Each young person has a Life Book which, with support from their Key Worker, celebrates and pictorially charts all their experiences, events and activities.

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