The route to referral

From experience there are usually two ways adults and young people access our service. The easy way. Or the extremely hard, emotional, time-consuming way. No prizes for guessing which one everyone prefers.

To give the person, their family or carers and you a clear pathway, we’ve developed a simple, five step referral process. Here’s how it works.

Step one - Enquiry
We have a dedicated referral department to help with any enquiries. It’s often parents, friends and carers who are the first to get in touch, and we always make sure they have all the information and reassurance they need. However to formalise a referral, this will need to be made by the funding authority. This can include, PCT/CCG, Local Authority, SEN, CHC or someone managing an individualised budget.

Step two - Referral
Once we've received everything we need to describe the needs and support requirements of the person being referred, the relevant service manager and clinician will review this. If we feel we can offer a service to meet the needs of a child or adult, we will offer an assessment.

Step three - Assessment
We carry out a free of charge assessment to make sure that we can meet a person’s needs. Our specialist staff arrange to meet the person and as many people involved in their support as possible. The assessment considers the whole person and  looks at a range of health, social, educational and any other needs. If we believe we can meet these needs, we will make the offer of a place, in writing, to the funder.

Step four - Contract
When the funder confirms acceptance of our offer, we send out a formal contract. We also create a transition plan and a care plan for the person we will be supporting to ensure step five is as smooth as possible.

Step five - Transition/Admission
Once we receive a signed contract, the transition process begins. This is managed by a senior member of staff to make sure the support package is well planned and tailored to the person’s needs at every stage.
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