HELP is here

We understand behaviour as communication. So it follows that if we understand this communication, we are much more able to understand the person. Sometimes those we support can struggle to communicate, particularly when unsettled. So we created HELP, the Hesley Enhancing Lives Programme.

HELP combines the latest techniques and best practices into one simple approach. Essentially this helps keep the people we support safe and calm enough in the short term to be able to learn the skills that will improve their long-term quality of life.

To make HELP work on the ground and not just in theory, all staff are given full HELP training. Here, they learn about a behaviour support approach based on the internationally recognised crisis prevention and management system Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), which is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD). The goal is to reduce the need to rely on high-risk interventions by taking an empathic and proactive approach. That means understanding how our own actions and reactions can shape, for the better (if we get it right) or worse (if we get it wrong), the social interactions and emotional responses of those who live in our services.

Every team, every department, in fact everyone here knows exactly what their role is and how they can help the person right at the centre of it. Structure is the key to our success and gives us consistency. And consistency gives us progress.

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