Amir's story

When Amir came to us, his needs were various and complex. His attention span was very short, he would grab staff around the neck to get attention and push his face very close to others. He had some medical issues around his eating, made worse by his tendency to eat anything he could get his hands on. Amir would bang his head and bite his finger when not understood. He also refused to enter places such as the supermarket, opting to sit in the doorway instead. 

Our multi-disciplinary team quickly created a person-centred plan to meet Amir’s needs. Specialists were brought in to help with his dietary requirements and the team developed strategies to help Amir communicate with others. With his specially adapted sign book and keyring he had a positive way to express his needs, wants, likes and dislikes.

With a consistent team who really understand his needs, Amir has grown in confidence. He interacts with others, self-injurious behaviour is now rare and he’s much happier. He now enjoys going swimming and even takes part in his weekly food shop. 

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