It's always good to know that we're doing things right, so when we receive positive feedback from regulatory bodies and professionals associated with the people we support , naturally we want to shout about it. Below you'll find just a few of the comments we'd like to share with you.

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation and thanks for Fullerton House School’s involvement with the children on my caseload, their families and the good working relationship we at Bradford Children Services have with Fullerton House School. As you are aware, children with complex health and behaviours need a lot of support and with the support provided by Fullerton House School, we were able to implement plans resulting in reduction in negative behaviours, stable health, and children attending school fulltime and most importantly having fun, achieving their five every child matters outcomes. 

I was so proud to see all of us pull together during this very difficult time for the family; especially as all the children do live away from home and the family initially struggle to accept that children have left the family home. We at Bradford Children Services have always been updated and consulted in regards to any situation for the young people at Fullerton House School and have regular meetings, which staff at Fullerton House School do attend, some of these at Bradford. We are updated by Fullerton House School on a weekly basis, and sometimes even more frequently, which help the families, feel more confident and trust their child placed at Fullerton House School.  

One of Fullerton House School’s main focuses in regards to my children is to increase their participation in the community. This has worked very well, and we have always been involved in the plans to implement this and ongoing review of this.

Once again, a big thank you for all your support at Fullerton House School and can you please pass on my personal and professional appreciation to all workers."
Written by a Social Worker from Bradford Children's Services