A more rounded approach to therapeutic services

We believe in providing the right support at the right time for each person. Our experts across all disciplines work together with the individual and those important to them with the aim of creating just the right balance. We continuously review this combined approach to ensure it is producing the right outcomes for each individual.


Our clinical psychologists work to support the emotional health and well-being of people by helping each person and the staff supporting them to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and manage these more effectively.

Speech and Language Therapy

We assess the person’s communication skills and create an Individual Communication Plan to support them in developing some of the skills they need to be more independent. This includes helping them be more active in making the right decisions for themselves.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapy (OT) aims to support people to do the job of living in the way they choose. We understand that some people may experience physical, social and mental health challenges that can cause everyday living to become more demanding. We can assess the individual to help understand how they understand and engage in their world.This helps us to create interventions that either bring about new ways to complete activities or find different occupations that still create a sense of wellbeing. The Hesley Group provide internal community opportunities as well as wider community engagement in a range of occupational activities that support development of skills, confidence and independence for each person.

Applied Behaviour Analysis

The team uses a variety of assessment tools to find out how each person learns and reacts to their environment. Once we understand their strengths and needs we use a range of proven techniques to encourage and reward constructive learning and positive behaviour.


We have consultant psychiatrists, who work closely with us to offer advice on our services, as well as supporting those who require psychiatric input to remain emotionally well.

A unifying model of care

As well as our multi- disciplinary therapeutic teams working cohesively with staff to support those who live with us, we have a unifying model of care which helps draw this all together.


We’re happy to go through our approaches with you in more detail. Call us free on 0800 055 6789 or visit www.hesleygroup.co.uk

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