Rob's story

When Rob arrived at Wilsic Hall School, he could make sounds and noises, but they were usually very hard to  understand. He couldn’t read or write and he was obsessed with turning electrical equipment on and off. All this frustrated Rob who would become agitated, throw things, hit and kick out. 

Rob's story imageWe knew Rob was bright. We just needed to find a way of helping him to flick on his learning switch.

Our speech and language therapy and occupational health teams worked closely with Rob to develop a uniquely structured education programme. Rob has really taken to this and has made great progress. He is encouraged to help document his fantastic successes and set goals to build on them.

Now Rob’s speech is much clearer and he’s reading independently and counting up to 100. Out of the classroom, Rob is much happier and more relaxed and confident. His mum and dad are very proud of him too. 

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