Keeping in Contact

Keeping in Touch imageWe understand that while a Hesley Group service may be the best place for the person needing support, we might not be on your doorstep. Out of sight isn’t out of mind. 

Keeping in touch with loved ones is essential. Everyone here has a plan that includes how they will stay in contact with family and friends whether by phone, text, letter, email or Skype. Whatever works best for the person we support is fine with us.

Each person's key worker will also keep you up to date with progress so you can share every milestone. And don’t forget, you’re always welcome to visit. At Hesley Village we even have two log cabins available for visiting families free of charge. Forum image

Families of people living at Hesley Village have formed their own forum. We support this by offering a meeting room and refreshments, but the families run it independently. 

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