An Investment in Quality

At Hesley Group we have combined best practice, proven methodologies, a commitment to training and 40 years of sustained investment to develop our core empathic and ethical model of positive and progressive care, support and enablement.

We focus on enablement, choice and meaningful activity. That means helping people learn skills to increase their independence - and placing an understanding of each person’s communication at the centre of our approach. We also fully believe the life skills, confidence and stability our schools and residential services offer represent value for money that’s often hard to quantify.

Hesley Group recognise that demands on placing authorities are high and financial constraints tight and we know at times our fees may be higher than others, although often they are not. We can’t promise quick results, yet the speed at which some people progress even surprises us. What we can do is give you our word that we are 100% committed to offering the very best-quality service, every day of every week, every year.